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Norland Products Price List

Product Name
Common Name
Retail Price (Rands)
PresentationPrescribed For
Product NameCommon NamePrice (R)PresentationPrescribed For
GI Capsule (1 Bottle)Mebo GI
800Plastic Bottle of CapsulesCell Growth, Cell Development, Cell Repair & Cell Rejuvenation
Micro-molecule Peptide
FDA Peptides
850Sachets of PowderInstant Protein Supply. Compliments the GI, for use in dealing with Diabetes, Cancer, etc
500Wafer Bars (Edible)Fat burner, Profitable for Weight Loss
Nouripad Anion Sanitary Napkin(245mm)
Female Pad (Day)
100Sanitary Pads (in regular Wraps)Menstrual Discharge
Nouripad Anion Sanitary Napkin(280mm)
Female Pad (Night)
100Sanitary Pads (in regular Wraps)Menstrual Discharge
Sunlit Toothpaste(150g)
Norland Toothpaste
100Tube (Regular Style)Dental Care
Nouripad Anion Sanitary Pantiliner(30 Pcs)
100Sanitary Pads
Sunlit Liquid Detergent(1 Bottle)
Liquid Detergent
150Liquid DetergentFabrics Washing
Sunlit Mouth Wash-New (1 Bottle)
Mouth Wash
Shouer Kids Calcium(Granules)
Shouer Kids Calcium
450Plastic Bottle of CapsulesCalcium for Kids
Shouer Kids Zinc(Granules)
Shouer Kids Zinc
450Plastic Bottle of CapsulesZinc for Kids
Vita Natural β-Carotene Capsules
Beta Carotene OR B-carotene
550Plastic Bottle of Capsules
Healthy Way Hypoglycemic Capsules
600Plastic Bottle of CapsulesSugar Diabetes
Health Way Hypogl Ycemic Herbal Capsules
Hypoglycemic Herbal
600Plastic Bottle of CapsulesLiver Issues, including Hepatitis
Health Way Calcium Iron Zinc Capsules
Calcium Iron & Zinc
600Plastic Bottle of CapsulesCalcium, Iron & Zinc Deficiency
Chao Li Kang Immune Vital Capsules
Immune Vital
600Plastic Bottle of CapsulesImmune Booster (Men)
Health Way Immune+Capsules
Immune Plus
600Plastic Bottle of CapsulesImmune Booster (Women)
Cellspa Silky Facial Mask(6 pcs)
Facial Mask
600Box of Light Plastic masks with oily-baseFacials
Health Way Vision Vitale Capsules
Vision Vitale
600Plastic Bottle of CapsulesEyes, including Cataract
Chao Li Kang Propolis-Lecithin Capsules
600Plastic Bottle of Capsules
Wuqing Nourishing Health Pad (Female;1 Box)
Nouripads for Women
1500Box of Sanitary PadsFibroid, Cysts, Vaginal tubes blockages
Wuqing Nourishing Health Pad(Male;1 Box)
Nouripads for Men
1500Box of Sanitary PadsProstate Issues, Infelitility
Energy Bracelet (Male)
Male Bracelet
1500Bracelet Instant Energy & Ion balancing (+ve/-ve ions)
Energy Bracelet (Female)
Female Bracelet
1500Bracelet Instant Energy & Ion balancing (+ve/-ve ions)
Magic Pan (Normal)
Frying Pan Normal
2000Frying Pan (Regular)Healthy Cooking
Magic Pan (Deep)
Frying Pan Deep
2000Frying Pan (Deep)Healthy Cooking
Detox Pack (1 set)
Detox Pack
12000One Pack: Contains 2 Boxes (Silver & Golden) with 2 Bottles each of Liquid content.Detox
Demo BoxDemo Box1000Fancy Silver BoxPresentation Demonstration
FDA Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis Tablet CandyFDA Ginseng600Plastic Bottle of Capsules
Sunlit Washing liquid(1 Bottle)Washing Liquid200
Sunlit Kitchen Oil CleanerKitchen Cleaner200
Health Way CupNorland Cup1450Dlask with 2 Cups
Norland Products Comprehensive Price List with individual description of products

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